*Big Shots has the right to deny any patrons at their discretion

  • NO undershirts or plain white tees
  • NO sleeveless shirts or tank tops
  • NO athletic wear such as: gym shorts, sweatpants, joggers
  • NO excessively low (saving underneath the buttocks) or baggy pants
  • ALL clothing must not be excessively dirty or emit an unpleasant odor
  • NO work boots, steel toe, or fashionable Timberlands
  • NO motorcycle helmets
  • NO colors or logos that indicate gang or motorcycle club affiliation
  • NO outside food or beverages
  • NO backpacks, fanny packs, bags, or suitcases.
    – All bags that are allowed but deemed questionable (including large purses) are subject to search prior to entering the establishment. However, individuals are free to refuse the bag search and enter the establishment by checking the bag in our closet or storing it in their vehicle.


*Management has the right to deny admission to anyone suspected to be intoxicated or deemed likely to cause a disturbance

Valid Drivers License

Valid Military ID

Valid Passport

If any of the above forms of ID is expired, changed, duplicated, altered, or if the door person doesn’t believe the individual presenting the ID is the person who si pictured on the ID, secondary (back up) photo identification is required.